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Thanks to the All the LCRW Sponsors

This was our year to build up the LCRW Web site, and we made some substantial improvements to the site's content. The site has never before had so many members contributing to it. A special thanks goes out to Sue Spitulnik, Rick Taubold, Barb Smith, Karen Roberts, and John Steele, who led the way in putting up articles. Showcasing our talent helps expand the prestige of LCRW, attract new members, and helps us share our group's capabilities with the rest of the world. Not to mention the more we do, the more we'll get known, and the better everyone's book sales will do.

In the publishing business, you can't get ahead unless you can provide content to a Web site. Unlike most authors, those who contributed to the LCRW Web site can prove to traditional publishers they can provide content to a Web site.

A website has a lofty goal: it needs to not just be, but also needs to perform.


No longer just a fancy, static, online business card, it is your 'Homebase,' a marketing and networking hub, and a portal that allows communication to flow between all the LCRW authors and their readers.

Visiting our website is one of the leading ways that book readers support and get to know their favorite authors better. The stronger the relationship, the more likely zealous advocates will spread the word about the author to friends, family, and peers.

"Whenever an aspiring author asks what they need to do to prepare for the publishing journey, I always tell them to put first things first: start with a… website. It's the place on the internet where both readers and publishers will go to find your work and learn more about you. Social media is great, but it's noisy there. Your website is entirely yours." – Rachelle Gardner, Literary agent

"Social media doesn't sell books… You OWN your website. You don't own your social media following. Facebook does. Twitter does. Instagram does. And they can change the rules any time they want, like when Facebook changed their algorithm to only show a fraction of people's posts. Or when Instagram did the same." – Joe Bunting, Author

Here are this year's sponsors of the LCRW Website. But don't forget, if your not on the list, there's still time. Contributing helps out everyone.

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