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Vanity Too

By Lee Nelson

Vanity Too Fake Book Cover

At a long traffic light,
a shirtless old
pot bellied hairy grey
Sicilian in tennis shoes
and bandana
sucking on a stogie
and mowing his lawn.
Rare genuine article.
He does not care.
All the concern of an old bear.
He is truth, a big fat
slap of truth.
I seldom wear hats. 
I don't think I look good in them,
but damned if the hat I never wear is not off to him.
So jealous I am, chin falling, hiding a hammertoe
and chasing Sylvester Stallone as
the both of them live the old feral cat.
What on earth am I doing wrong?
I admire this man far more than Sly.
How does one rage
against one's nature?
It's all about happiness, right?
However happiness obtained?
Life is too short to let go?
Life is too short so let go?
Somehow, all of us
are developmentally arrested.
We call it a complex and
age does not care.
What else but age
will never waste time?





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