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Rick Iekel

A Timely Conversation

TIC:     A young modern clock with an internal chip

TOC:   Old Doc Toc, a Grandfather clock who's seen his day


TIC:     Grandpa, I'm so excited. It's that time of year again.

TOC:   What are you all wound up about?

TIC:     My time is going to change. I can't wait!

TOC:   In my day, TIC, it took a long time to get wound up.

TIC:     Wound up? What's that?

TOC:   Well, every night around nine o'clock the old man came over, opened me up and . . .

TIC:     Opened you up? Is that why you once told me that you've got a couple of screws loose?

TOC:   E-hem!   That, my dear boy, is a story for another time. . . . as I was saying, he opens me up, sticks a little winder in my socket and winds me up. Then he goes to bed.


TOC:   Anyway, what do you mean, you're going to change. I like you just the way you are.

TIC:     Grandpa! The same thing happens to you every year.

TOC:   Oh, no, dearie. There's nothin' in me that changes except for my weight.

TIC:     Your weight?

TOC:   Yup. Goes up and down every day. That's why the old man is here. He winds me up every night, like I said.

TIC:     Do you mean he makes you heavier every night? Is that so no one will steel you?

TOC:   No one's going to steel me, honey. A weight is a heavypiece of metal, usually hooked to a string.

TIC:     I don't want anybody pulling on your strings.

TOC:   My goodness. You younger generation don't have a clue what I'm talking about. Now, tell me. What do you mean when you say your time is going to change? Doesn't somebody do it?

TIC:     No, grandpa, it just happens – and – and – I only have a minute's notice.

TOC:   Now, Tic, don't patronize me. I may be old but I still have a few trips around the old face plate.

TIC:     I'm not kidding, grandpa. I only get a minute's notice, and sometimes I'm already asleep.

TOC:   So what's the notice like?.

TIC      It' a quick blast that jolts me, then I count to 60 . . .and Vuala.

TOC:   What do you mean, Vuala?

TIC:     My time jumps backward . . . well, it will this time, and it feels like it will be winter soon.

TOC:   I don't understand. How's that happen?

TIC:     I have my very own chip, and the chip – and, I guess, others – all talk to the same guy in Denver. Then this Denver guy sends out some kind of energy and, Vuala. I back up an hour.

TOC:   Well, I'll be!

TIC:     How does it happen for you, grandpa?

TOC:   Kid, you don't want to know.





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