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Terry LeFeber

To Revel

Mike reveled in the shower. Designed it himself. Glass walled on two sides. The rest Carrera marble. More outlets, adjustable jets and temperature controls than necessary. He reveled in the steam. Reveled in the heat. Revealed in the foamy body wash. Reveled in the shampoo.

Mike was just 'one happt camper'. Home two hours early on a friday afternoon. Looking forward to a romp with his wife, dinner afterwards, and a great Saturday shopping spree with her before he left on the midnight special for California. Life was great. And, next week? Happy, happy, happy.

Through th mist and heat, Mike saw movement through the steamed glass. Without his contacts, he was blind as the proverbial bat.

Slowly the door opened. The naked from of a tall, lithe, blonde could barely be made out.

Mike smiled Lasciviously and turned back to his ablutions. Slowly caressing himself into ecstasy. Anticipating the touch of his young bride.

Pleasantly he felt firm breasts rubbing his back, her warm belly against him, her left hand slowly groping toward his manhood, and a warm breath upon the nape of his lathered neck.

"Oh, Caroline. Is that you?" He cooed coyly.

"No! Wrong wife. It's Karin. You Bastard!" Snarled his California wife.

Mike felt the searing pain momentarily as the stiletto twisted its way through his back and heart.

Karin left the shower as quietly as she had arrived. Th erunning water would wash all the blood away and the continuing steam would destroy any fingerprints. Dressing and then leaving, she knew no one would ever know she had been there.

I mean, what are the odds of three women, one from California, one from Vermont, and a pretty Sephora sales clerk accidently discover, in casual conversation over lipstick in Chicago's O'Hare shopping mall, that they were sleeping with the same man? The Californian and the Vermonter were married to Mike and the Sephora clerk was his mistress. Just where in the hell did Mike find the time, money, or stamina? Well, we'll never know. And, thanks to feminine wit and guile, Mike's murder was never solved.





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