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By Lee A. Nelson

I liked his nod in the beginning.

Nobody I knew did that.

It was respectful.

He would elicit and counter

and then concede

just when I needed him to.

His nod was never any part of it.


What I remember most

is what he said last.

His sincere eyebrows pierced

the rolls of his forehead

and he said, "I get it, Lee.

You're not alone.

It's everyday life.

All the problems we all have.

I'll help you help yourself."


I thought to myself

this guy's the best

and he's just one of them.

That's why I never went back.


I thought to myself

this guy will never tell me

it really is that bad.

It is.

Not a one of them

will ever just say that

and the commitment to reality

is the therapy

isn't it?






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