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Monday September 13th 2021

By Lee Nelson


There were lots of Boomers and X-rs

some Silents

on that flight

some Millennials

to include the petty officer

and the rest were busy children.


Three times a stewardess attempted

to announce that we were carrying

the remains of a lost service member.

Three times she attempted to explain

our honor and the reason for our delay

without crying.

She failed. 

She cried her way through her third attempt

and we soundly applauded. 

Then the Captain said his peace

and cried too.

Then we took off.


Prior and after people bitched. 

We went back to our business

and bitched. 

Some bitched when we landed

and were further delayed

for the coffin detail

and the disembarkation

of the petty officer.

She was a fulcrum:

impeccable flawless and resilient.

She glowed. 

She did exemplary like an Olympian.   

My world melted to her presence

and exit.

Hope I wasn't the only one.


This was our muster

our us

our collective tribute

on that flight.

This is why we are

where we are

and who were are

right now.






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