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2020 September Publishing News

It's a tough month if you're not writing about politics in advance of the November 2020 election. You can sell any book you can write about the occupant of the White House. Unless you are taking an advance and then not writing a book:

  • John Bolton's book publisher subpoenaed, DOJ investigating disclosures in 'The Room Where It Happened'
  • Barack Obama's Memoir Is Set to Be the Biggest Book This Year
  • Lindsay Lohan sued by HarperCollins for collecting $365K advance but never writing book
  • Bob Woodward's book proves Americans still want to read about Trump

But there is other news in the publishing world.

Educational Publishers Enforcement Group publishers have obtained a Preliminary Injunction from the United States District Court against 63 eBook websites that sell illegal, unlicensed eBooks using the functionalities of Google and Microsoft. If you think only race is an issue in the US, there's a bit of controversy over a written adventure in the UK because a person of color is on the cover of a fantasy game set in medieval Britain. Speaking of games, the Choose Your Own Adventure-style of story. which was big in the 1970s and 1980s, seems to be making a comeback... and someone has to write those. There is some book marketing software that provides authors with the tools to create customized marketing campaigns. The global demand for children's picture books (in English) is on the rise. Plus, there is a new full-service, partnership publisher out there which collaborates with authors to elevate bookmaking to an art form.





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