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Quiet Time is Necessary

By Sue Spitulnik

Are you comfortable in the silence with only your thoughts?

Can you sit calmly for hours in a hospital with a friend in an induced coma?

                Go more than a day without talking to another human?

                Permit yourself to wonder where the birds sleep at night?

                Whip up a dinner for twelve, including dessert, thinking it's fun?

                Do days of research for a project to make it come to fruition?

Can you laugh at yourself when you know you've made a blunder,

                And can you say you're sorry when you should?

Can you spend hours making a quilt, then give it away?

                Write the conversation of a make-believe family and have it sound natural?

                Make up 99-word stories from written prompts, turning them into a series?

                Keep a historical record of your family in photographs?

Can you admit little frightened you when you were young, and now many things do?

I can!

My thoughts take me on creative journeys which help when I am writing, sewing, photo-taking, seeking knowledge, and teaching. It's my life story to share with others, enriched by lots of quiet time.






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