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Why would a member of LCRW consider www.hometownreads.com a valuable resource? Take a moment and come with me as I walk you through this site.

At first glance the website seems but a simple collecting point for local authors who might otherwise only be found on Amazon or discovered at some random book signing event. You won’t find big name authors, but a growing list of largely unknown local authors from cities across the country. Like you, they have dreamed of, written and published stories near and dear to their hearts.

From the home page, scroll down and click on Rochester. Each book cover on display offers a brief description of book and author, other books by that author, where to buy, and sometimes the author’s website. Is your book included?

Hometown Reads

Intrigued? Now search out to the rest of the website. In the upper right corner, MORE will lead you to a category entitled, “Read Local Champions”. There you’ll find the logos of local bookstores. These small business owners depend on word-of-mouth and we can help spread the word. Make a note to visit one soon. Who knows what you might discover?

There is also a section for libraries and community organizations involved in writing, publishing or other things bookish. We have an excellent library system, but it’s tough for them to compete with e-books, i-phones and tablets. If you frequent a local library, tell them about this website and suggest they join the ranks of counterparts across the country.

Before you go away, there’s one more place to check. . . .AUTHOR RESOURCES. Who knows, you might find some good ideas to get your own books out to a bigger market.


                                                                                                Rick Iekel…





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