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May 26

Critique Session

For Critique session submission and formatting details, click on the Critique button above. ALL manuscripts must be emailed to the moderator by midnight on Monday, May 21 to allow critiquers to thoughtfully consider each manuscript. Everyone who submits a manuscript will be expected to critique the other entries.

This is an LCRW function. You may participate one time only if you are a non-member.


June 23

Sex Talk with author Katrina Kissinger (aka Kim Gore)

Let’s talk sex and how to thrust it into your novel so that your reader feels the hot, undeniable passion that your characters have for one another. Do you think sex scenes are too tough to tackle? Do your novel’s love scenes lack imagination? If so, come join us for a fun workshop where you’ll find the layers of insecurity peel off of you.

Sex talk




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  • July 28: Plot Tracking with Dee Carey
  • August 25:TBD
  • September 29: Marketing your self-published book with Rick Iekel
  • October 27: Critique Session
  • November 17: Format lengths, trimming and expanding stories as needed. Rick Taubold

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