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April 27

How to LCRW ...

Using the LCRW Toolbox: The Writer's Market. LCRWriters. LCRWORG Google Groups.

The biggest advantage of having a Web presence is it gives us the advantage of using the Writer's Market, LCRWriters, LCRWORG Google Groups to assist us in advancing our writing ability and goals. This is an instructional session on using these tools.

How to

May 25

David Woodruff

How to Write and Tell a Great Story

Great stories have common threads, not considering if they are books, movies or just stories one tells around the water cooler. This is a discussion of the principles of myth used to create masterful stories which are dramatic, entertaining and psychologically true. This is a look at how storytellers can utilize mythic structure to create powerful narratives.





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  • April 27: How to Use ...
  • May 25: How to Tell a Great Story
  • June 29: Critique Session
  • July 27: Kathy Shea, Memoir
  • August 24: TBD
  • September 28: Critique Session
  • October 26: Conference

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