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Who Was That Man

By Sue Spitulnik

Who is the man who stood out in the crowd in his spiffy "costume"

making our jeans and sweaters look tatty?

Who is he who wears the stars, the gun/tool belt, the shiny name tag,

body cam, microphone, and polished shoes?

I think he was a head taller than all of us.


Who is the man who admitted his foibles and more importantly,

his desire to succeed, never giving up?

Who is he who told us no two days alike, no matter how long,

keep him interested in his work?

I know he earned all of our respect.


Who is the man who helped us understand better what he faces every day

and how different policing entities work together to solve a crime?

Who is he who talked to us as equals with concern showing

and no apparent inflated ego like we see on television?

We learned a lot about the police profession.


 Who is he? Not just anyone, but

the Town of Gates Police Chief Rob Long.

You gave us two hours of your life to answer our questions.

You didn't watch the clock, or if you did, we didn't notice?

We truly appreciate your gift to us.


And I'll bet one of our fictional characters meets an untimely demise

via pepper spray and taser is the future.

Thank you so much for visiting.

We made a donation in your honor to Campaign D.

May you and your officers make it home safely shift after shift.


Thanks again. With respect






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