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Let's Support Each Other and Make Some Money with Medium.com
By Karen Roberts

If you haven't discovered Medium.com yet, you'll want to take a look at it.  You can make money whenever people read the stories and articles that you post there.  For most writers. it's not a way to earn large amounts of money.  I have yet to earn a dollar, and I'm in my second month.  But some people make a business of it and do very well.

Medium Writing

First you sign up for an account, and then sign up for their Medium Partner Program.  When you get your account, your profile picture will be in the top right.  Click that to find the Partner Program listed underneath.

Once you've joined, start writing and posting.  A key to getting more reads is to read what other people have written and make comments.  They likely will follow you when you follow them and comment on what they've written.

The more frequently you post, follow, and comment, the more reads you'll get.  I haven't been diligent about doing much of this yet, but I plan to increase my activity.

I think that if we members of LCRW all start writing, posting, following each other, and reading what others in our group write, we will benefit each other.  It would be a fun way to keep up with each other's writing as well.

KRoberts on Medium

So far, my most read post has been:  Why I Made the Mistake of Not Getting an X-ray.  Personal stories like this are very popular on Medium.  That one was picked up by Medium and "curated" by them.  Links to curated articles show up, at least for a short time, on Medium topics lists that many readers check.

Another aspect of Medium is that there are many online magazines on this platform.  If you find ones you like, you can pitch them with one or more of your stories or articles.  If you are published in one of these magazines, you'll get more reads.

YouTube Medium

If you want to learn more, watch some YouTube videos on how to make money as a writer on Medium.    Here's a good one: How Beginners Can Make Money Writing on Medium in 2020 It especially has helpful information on how to get curated.





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