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Karen Roberts

Through having to write a lot for my various jobs over the years, I discovered that I liked to write nonfiction. Since 2008, I've been writing blog posts, books, reports, and more. Finding time to write is always my major struggle due to work, family, and church responsibilities. But when I can, I write..

It's hard for me to settle into any particular niche, for I have many interests. Often my experiences have led to putting together books.

For instance, after spending many years in summer camp ministry, I put together a camp staff devotional book called John Comes To Camp, my first book. Taking on occasional mystery shopping jobs developed my interest in showing others how to do it, and therefore How to Make Money as a Secret Shopper, Busting the Myths About Mystery Shopping evolved from a blog I was writing on the subject. Through aiming to always do quality work on the job, I learned some things which I decided to share in 47 Tips You Can Use to Get a Job Promotion.

Since I enjoy helping people to walk out their Christian faith in practical every day circumstances, I started the blog Daily-devotionals.com. However, I've never managed to get those devotions on the blog daily - far from it. Knowing several people struggling with grief, as well as having an interest in how the prophet Jeremiah struggled with tough things in his life, inspired me to write Living Through Grief With Spirituality.

Homeschooling my kids and helping to homeschool my grandkids showed me the need for planners and assignment books, and therefore I produced the Simply Homeschool Planner and Simply Homeschool Assignments Notebook for Students, as well as a couple other assignment books for students.

And since I love children, I ventured into creating some entertainment for them: Silly Old Book of Dog Picture Riddles, Silly Old Book of Walrus Fun, and Animal Fun Activity Book.

Recently I experimented with putting together a short promotional ebook for two of my other books. I plan to give it away on my devotionals website. If you'd like to take a look at it, you can download it by clicking here.

I am enjoying learning more about the craft and business of writing through my membership in Lilac City Rochester Writers. I haven't published a book in quite awhile, but the members are motivating me to get back to productive writing habits.

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