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Face One's Demons - Book Four

By John Caligiuri

After achieving a decisive victory over the ruthless Ipis who rule the galaxy, Dante Carloman negotiated a treaty that saved all humans from extinction. The treaty allowed the humans and their allied species to become a semi-autonomous sector on the fringe of the Ipis empire—as long as the current Ipis empress, Fravashi, remains alive. This arrangement does not sit well with the Ipis nobility. Humanity, and especially its usurper leader, Dante, must be destroyed, and they will not allow anything to impede that endeavor. Over the next ten years, ethnocentric Ipis aristocrats put in place a plan to eliminate Dante. In doing so, they inadvertently unleash an uncontainable catastrophe that will end all sentient life in the galaxy, including the Ipis. In the face of this, the Empress' vast armadas are shattered, and she flees with the remnants of her once dominant fleets to the remote human planets. That sanctuary is only a temporary reprieve. The same maelstrom devouring the rest of the galaxy is not far behind. The empress, with a glimpse of prescience, sees Dante as the sole chance for everyone's survival. He has no clue how to succeed. To have any possibility of saving those he holds dear, he must…

Face One's Demons




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