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By BarbaraHelene Smith

Dark as Chocolate


Connie Murphy is a senior drug investigator with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. She is dedicated to protecting public health and safety, but while conducting seemingly routine inspections, intrigue and danger intervene.

In Dark as Chocolate, food poisoning of a former high school classmate leads FDA Investigator Connie Murphy to inspect Morerich Chocolates. On the surface, Morerich appears to be following the regulations, but she soon discovers the company is hiding illness complaints about their Delightfully Delicious candy bars. As Connie continues to dig deeper, she gets entangled in economic fraud and drug smuggling, and her efforts culminate in kidnapping and attempted murder.

The Connie Murphy Mysteries are based on the author's experience as an FDA investigator, with a little imagination thrown in for good measure. The stories are fast-paced, and the twisting plots will keep your attention to the end. Dark as Chocolate is the fourth e-book in the Connie Murphy Mystery series.

The Connie Murphy Mysteries and Assume Nothing by BarbaraHelene Smith are available at Amazon.com.





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