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ZOOM Meetings Events in 2021:


Lindbergh Kidnapping
April 5th and 12th 11 AM EDST
A special ZOOM Class (Sign up members only)

Called the "Crime of the Century." Charles "Lucky Lindy" firstborn son mysteriously disappeared in 1932, when kidnapping in the US had reached epic proportions. Yet for a crime so enormous as the Lindbergh kidnapping no progress was made in finding a suspect for almost two and a half years. Even today's criminal experts have a hard time agreeing on what the facts of the case point to… and ultimately who or how many were responsible. To this day, the majority of the ramson money remains unaccounted for. This would be the biggest mystery case until D. B. Cooper. [One Hour each session]


Wor of 1812 Overview

Overview of the War of 1812
May 6th and 13th 11 AM EDST
A special ZOOM Class (Sign up members only)

The War of 1812 is a conflict that everybody thinks they won and no one remembers. In was the only US war fought in Western New York. Yet it's the foundation stone for both the Modern US Army and Navy. It's probably the least understood conflict in US history. Yet it started with what the United States saw as terrorist activity and a major terrorist attack on US soil. What makes this war more important to the Army and Navy than the Revolution? What is the Reverse Underground Railway … and how did the Underground Railway get its start in Western New York in the War of 1812? Find out what caused this forgotten war and how it shaped the fledgling American nation.


Charles Ponzi
May 10th and 17th 11 AM EDST
A special ZOOM Class (Sign up members only)

Charles Ponzi was the embodiment of the concept of thinking big and believing in yourself. Probably no one ever born believed in his ability more than he did. And the 1920s was the get rich era of the American dream. When these two forces met it resulted in an explosion which cost millions. And through it all, when doubters assailed Charles Ponzi claiming his visions weren't possible, he would reply, "Well, I'm doing it! I'm the man!" And for awhile, he was. Sadly, he would not be the last. [One Hour each session]


Assassination in Sarajevo
May 20th and 27th 11 AM EDST
A special ZOOM Class (Sign up members only)

More than most other events, this terrorist act would eventually topple whole governments (Russia, Austria, Turkey and Germany.) Not only is it an improbable story, but it is clearly linked to people marrying for love. In this case, not only is truth stranger than fiction, it would be impossible to believe … if it wasn't true. This is an in-depth study of the event and myths that grew up around the cause of World War I.


Taiping Rebellion 1851-1864
June 7th and 14th 11 AM EDST
A special ZOOM Class (Sign up members only)

Possibly the Deadliest War in History. Certainly, the deadliest war of the 19th Century. Like most Americans, you probably did not learn about the Taiping Rebellion as part of your standard education. One could easily manage to get through twelve years of public schooling and four years of college before ever learning about the Taiping Rebellion. Despite the fact even the United States was involved and took casualties during this war. In the end it would cost the lives of between 20 and 70 million people. Its heroes are remembered by both Free and Communist China. [One Hour each session]


Rasputin: Holy Devil
June 10th and 17th 11 AM EDST
A special ZOOM Class (Sign up members only)

Before the rise of Hitler … the name Rasputin was synonymous with evil. Rasputin acted as a healer for Alexei, the Tsar and his wife Alexandra's only son, who suffered from hemophilia. Historians often suggest that Rasputin's terrible reputation helped discredit the tsarist government, and thus helped precipitate the overthrow of the Romanov dynasty, which happened a few weeks after he was assassinated. Perhaps more than any other man in modern history, Rasputin has been obscured by legend, inuendo, and propaganda.

When Tigers Fight

When Tigers Fight
June 24th and July 1st 11 AM EDST
A special ZOOM Class (Sign up members only)

This is a story of what many historians believe is the actual beginning of Word War II, the Second Sino-Japanese War. It remains however one of the lesser know encounters in the west. The war was the result of a decades-long Japanese imperialist policy to expand its influence politically and militarily in order to secure access to raw material reserves, food, and labor. The period after World War I brought about increasing stress on the Japanese society. Especially after they saw themselves snubbed by the Treaty of Versailles.

US Russia

US Invasion of Russia 1918-20
July 12th and 19th 11 AM EDST
A special ZOOM Class (Sign up members only)

For years, the Soviet press made way with an American intervention during the formation of the Soviet Union. Few Americans were aware of the invasion even at the time. Even less knew how few troops were involved and how deeply they penetrated Russia. But at the same time, the US was also sending railroad engineers to assist with the overtaxed rail system in Americas first venture into Lend Lease operations. Yet 5,000 Americans ended up fighting over 20,000 Red army troops while they were trapped by the Russian winter. [One Hour each session]

Start of WWI

Outbreak of World War I
September 13th and 20th 11 AM EDST
A special ZOOM Class (Sign up members only)

One of the great myths of World War I is that the war was unavoidable. This is far from the truth. Even the participants at the time were well aware of the actions they could have taken to prevent the war from breaking out but simply didn't. The July Crisis of 1914 clearly demonstrated to everyone that the old system of diplomacy between related sovereign rulers was finished. And the network carefully created by Queen Victoria and Otto von Bismarck was collapsing. Defeated by both technology and nationalism. Here's how it happened. [One Hour each session]