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Barbara-Helene Smith

BarbaraHelene Smith discovered story telling after enrolling in a summer creative writing course. Fiction set her imagination free and she was hooked! Her short stories and poetry have been published in IdeaGems, The Storyteller, Adventures of the Average Woman, Howling Halloween Anthology and Crusin’ Style Magazine. 

Bob Hesselberth: Business Operations

Shy About Your Finances? Don’t Be! Your Bank Needs to Know.

A lot of new business owners and startup CEOs understandably want to keep their finances completely private. Their attitude is that it’s nobody’s business how much they sell or how much money they make. But businesses that hold those beliefs usually...

David Woodruff: Science Fiction/Fantasy

OK, so he didn’t know much magic. Strakx kicked the dirt in the road with his feet, sending the dry dust into a throat-choking cloud. It wasn’t right, the Grexx exiling him like they did. It had taken them 500 years to escape the clutches of the undead lich who had enslaved them. Everything his ancestors had learned had to be pried from the clutches of their undead master. Did they think such feats were a simple matter? Did they think a slave could simply pick up knowledge of the dark arts via an extension course at the local agricultural school? He continued down the lone forest road, thrusting for revenge. He’d show them. If there is one thing a Goblin is good at, it’s revenge.

John Caligiuri: Alternate History and Science Fiction

On a dark, snowy road in western New York, Dante Carloman and Tina Phokas lives take a turn no one could anticipate. The world around them erupts into a hellish landscape from an attack by alien creatures. With only his wits as a weapon, Dante learns the purpose of their abduction and find a chink in the aliens’ all-encompassing control. But to use that tenuous chance, he must summon the courage to reenter the aliens’ compound. The results will either save them or doom the Earth to annihilation.

John Steele

John Steele: Struggling Wanna Be Author

I am a retired electrical engineer / inventor. After taking an adult education class on creative writing along with my wife, Sally, I tried writing a Young Adult story. With life in the way, it still needs much work and sits among the cobwebs in my computer’s cloud waiting for me to return.

Rick Iekel

Rick Iekel

It’s been said that truth is stranger than fiction. Rick Iekel, a storyteller from Rochester, New York holds a lifelong fascination with real stories about real people in real places. “With real-life stories so available,” he muses, “why would I go to the effort of trying to create believable fiction?”  During a 35-year career in aviation, writing was a pastime for quiet Sunday afternoons and peaceful summer vacations. Now he ponders the possibility of committing some previously unknown thoughts to print. Raised on a farm in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, he now resides with his wife in Rochester, New York.

Rick Taubold: Publisher/Editor-in-chief

Fabula Argentea (FA for short) is Latin for “silver story” and the name is pronounced FAH-boo-la ar-GEN-tee-ah (where the “g” is hard as in “grape”).

Our editorial Staff is composed of Rick Taubold (Publisher/Editor-in-chief), Rosanne Taubold (Art Director and editorial assistant). FA is a paying market. Our goal is to bring its readers the best writing we can find. Period. We accept a wide variety of material: genre, literary, humor, the grit of life, happy endings, sad endings...

Sally Valentine

Sally Valentine

Family relationships are never easy.

I wake up to the sound of Ruthie Singing. Ruthie's my alarm clock these days, and I suppose there are worse ways to wake up. Today's song is "Jingle Bells," and it takes me a minute to process the fact that this is still September. I knew when Ruthie arrivied four years ago that my life would change; Ijust didn't know how much. It's one of those things they don't teach you in school.

Shahanna King

Shahanna King

Who I am is a long list of experiences, some epiphanies and some sheer luck.  In short, I am a full time office worker with three children and passion for writing.  Even though I am passionate for writing, I am also flighty enough to not have any finished any works to get published.

Steve Yates

To borrow a phrase: “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

It’s started. I’m in the process of editing my short stories for an anthology. I have a name for it, I’ve had it for years, and my best estimate for competition is sometime in 2017. As Al White used to say: “We’ll be watching.”

Sue Savard: Memoir Writing

I’ve worked and worked on the chapter about my husband’s indecision regarding attending college and added as much tension as I dare. I want to keep my writing as factual as possible but also make it interesting. According to a writing coach I’ve met, she claims that if I ever want to publish my work, I’d have to embellish it a lot and really ramp up the tension in order to keep the reader engaged. The question for me is, “What am I going to do with this? Do I really want to publish it or just make it available for family?”

Sue Spitulnik: Flash Fiction

The vinyl discs were from his high school and college days. When he left her for another woman she smashed them against the edge of their marble counter. Shards flew. She eyed the mess with a childish glee, feeling she had destroyed something of him as he had destroyed their life together. She slept well that night. The next day she purchased a shiny new bucket and filled it with every shard she could locate then left it by the turntable with a note; “Here is your record collection, in the condition you have left my heart and life.”


Darlene Markham

Step aboard. Let go and reward yourself with unexpected beauty.

Damp curls tickled the nape of my neck. How could it be this hot and humid at 8:00AM?
The hospitality of the unhurried New Orleans morning differed from last night's dancing on Bourbon Street. Our travels had been care-free until now. Not today, this was different. We were leaving the flowered balconies of the French Quarter for the Atchafalaya Basin, a vast, Cajun Country river swamp at the southern end of the Mississippi River Valley.

  David A. Baker
  David Hull
  Edward Shartran

Jean Verno

After seeing the theatrical production of "Beauty and the Beast", the librarians' favorite musical, I started wondering how domestic life suited the happy couple. Sometimes, happy everafter hits an unexpected challange.

Dear Doctor Ruthie,
I am a happily married woman and my husband is wonderful ... and awful. Most of the time he is a Prince, really, ...

  Karen Roberts

Sally Steele

This story is based on an actual dream I had many years ago that has stuck in my mind because I thought it would make a good short story.

Aggie woke up to the sound of rain beating against the window and she groaned. "Why does it always rain on the weekend?"

  Steve DeMayo
Terry LeFeber

There are a lot of things that you can't choose. Like our parents and relatives. But, you can choose where you work, who you marry, names of children, cars to drive, furnature, toys, etc.

Yep. You get to choose a lot of things in your lifetime including where you want to live.

  Victoria Baker





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