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ASSUME NOTHING is a collection of short mysteries about four ordinary women, who find themselves in extra-ordinary situations, while looking for the truth. Each story can be read in a couple of hours while on a beach, an airplane, by the pool, next to a fire on a cold winter afternoon or sitting in a comfy chair with a steaming cup of coffee, tea or a glass of your favorite wine. 

  Search for Justice

Kelly Williams hasn’t seen her eight-year old son since her husband gained custody after their divorce three years earlier.  Determined to find Tommy, Kelly enrolls in a class designed to locate missing persons.  There she meets Roger Ross, who offers to help, but his trust falters when Kelly reveals a secret past.  Will Roger follow his instincts or the evidence that never lies?


If Holly Hall had a life most women would envy, why did she leave her husband?  When Bill discovers Holly and half the money in their joint account are missing, he hires a private investigator to find her.  The pursuing game of cat and mouse reveals both Holly and Bill have been living different lives.

  Family Matters

Lucinda Lawrence inherits a fortune from a total stranger.  While attempting to uncover her benefactor’s true identity, half-siblings begin to surface and then are mysteriously murdered. The evidence mounts against Lucinda, making her the prime suspect.

  Fakes, Frauds and Forgeries

When Paige Jenkins learns her grandmother’s Santini portrait is a forgery, she initiates her own search to discover the truth.  After identifying two more fake paintings, she contacts Byron Cruise, an insurance investigator, whose company insured the paintings.  In her quest for answers, Paige repeatedly finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and unwittingly becomes involved in robbery, kidnapping and murder.


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