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Bad Habits

Are These Bad Habits Creeping Into Your Writing?

Many writers rely more heavily on pronouns than I’d suggest is useful. For me this sort of thing comes under the heading Remember that Writing Is Not Speaking. When we talk, we can usually make ourselves understood even amid a flood of vague “he”s and “she”s. On the page, too many pronouns are apt to be confounding.

Novel Writing

How to Write a Novel: A 12-Step Guide

You may be surprised to know that even after writing over 190 books (two-thirds of those novels) over the last 40 years, 21 of them New York Times bestsellers (most notably the Left Behind Series), I deal with those exact problems every time. So how do I overcome them and succeed?

Places that want your work

Not sure where to send those great short stories you’ve written?

As with writing contests and fellowships, sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin. To help you figure out where to submit short stories, we’ve put together this guide to 23 publications that publish short fiction...

Writing Contests

Writing Contests 2019

Discover the finest writing contests of 2019 for fiction and non-fiction authors of short stories, poetry, essays and more. Updated weekly, these contests are vetted by Reedsy to weed out the scammers and time-wasters.

Free Contests

31 Free Writing Contests: Legitimate Competitions With Cash Prizes

When I was about 12, I saw an ad in a magazine for a poetry contest that sounded fancy and impressive, something like “International Library of Poetry.” I bled poetry at that age, so I crossed my fingers and sent in a poem I’d been slaving over for weeks.

Weekly Writing Contests

Weekly Writing Contests

Free Writing Contests is your source for a listing of 2019 writing contests that you can enter. The largest collection of writing contests - hand-picked for writers of all skill levels. Your online location for an updated list of writing contests from around the world delivered daily.

Kindle Formatting

What Are The Ways To Format An e-Book for Kindle

You feel all the satisfaction, but there is still something that has you didn’t do, and that is publishing the book and recei...


How to Crowdfund Your Writing With Patreon

Many writers dream of quitting their day jobs and becoming full-time freelancers. And while that is achievable, it’s a difficult prospect for poets, playwrights and midlist fiction writers. Writing organizations such as the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America consider a minimum professional rate for fiction to be six cents a word. Many novels only receive advances of $5,000–$10,000.

Video Games

How to Write a Video Game Story

My first attempt at writing a video game script begins with the socialist journalist and activist Marina Ginesta, a remarkabl...

Fiction University

Fiction University

Each week, I’ll offer a writing tip you can take and apply to your WIP to help improve it. They’ll be easy to do and shouldn’t take long, so they’ll be tips you can do without taking up your Sunday. Though I do reserve the right to offer a good tip now and then that will take longer—but only because it would apply to the entire manuscript.


Make Big Money Writing Fiction

Recently my friend Charlie Martin wrote a post about how ebooks are a complete game changer for publishing, a fact that traditional publishers are still bent on denying. In fact, for the last ...

Better content

6 tips for writing better content

You will be faster, rapper and more creative and the habit in itself will give you more ideas for you even when you are not w... 6 tips for writing better content You will be faster, rapper and more creative and the habit in itself will give you more ideas for you even when you are not w...

Novel Writing

How to Write a Novel: A 12-Step Guide

You may be surprised to know that even after writing over 190 books (two-thirds of those novels) over the last 40 years, 21 of them New York Times bestsellers (most notably the Left Behind Series), I deal with those exact problems every time. So how do I overcome them and succeed?


‘Dreyer’s English’ is a witty and useful writing guide

Some of his advice is aimed specifically at people who write fiction, but overall the book ... age of ten who is not actively ...


Writing Advice from Saul Bellow

Bellow is still the only writer to have been awarded the National Book Award for Fiction three times—he also nabbed a Pulitzer, a National Medal of Arts, and of course, the Nobel Prize...

Choctaw historian at KU restoring cultural knowledge through fiction

The prolific author juggles her time between being a professor, writing (both fiction and nonfiction), and advocating for healthy eating in the Native American community, among many other interests. Mihesuah, a Choctaw historian, is KU’s Cora Lee Beers Price Teaching Professor in International Cultural Understanding. Her 17th book,..


Punch Up the Volume

Punch Up the Volume in Your Writing

Let your brain imagine the sounds. Your writing needs sonic textures. Lucky for me, the MFA program let us take poetry and fiction workshops. So I spent a lot of time in coffee shops reading ...


What I Learned While Writing a Novel

It’s just that this morning I finished a work of fiction I have been working on since I was 18 ... as the lifeline keeping me afloat in the turbulent ocean of my life. Writing out the outlines, ...

Teen Fiction

How to Write Original Creative Writing Essays:

Complete Guide for Arts Essays Other forms of fictitious creative writing include; short stories, poems, hybrid essays, dramatic monologues, plays and flash fiction. However, all creative essays have one thing in common ...

New-Age Fiction

Keep it short on new-age medium with new-age writing

Flash fiction can be considered a prototype to ... pen-wielders who easily lose heart from the novel or story they begin writing, Instagram poetry and ttt is just the thing for you.

Fan Fiction

6 Ways That Fanfiction Makes Your Writing Stronger

It works in the realm of original fiction just as well—if you’re writing within a universe you’ve already invented, you are doing precisely the same work as if you’re writing prompt fanfic, with the ...


Local Authors

At first glance the website seems but a simple collecting point for local authors who might otherwise only be found on Amazon or discovered at some random book signing event. You won’t find big name authors, but a growing list of largely unknown local authors from cities across the country. Like you, they have dreamed of, written and published stories near and dear to their hearts.

Free SFF

Get Amazing SFF Reads (for Free!)

Tor.com is home to an award-winning short fiction program, with over a decade of weekly stories for science fiction, fantasy, and horror fans to enjoy.

We want to make reading our stories even easier by offering a brand new short fiction-only newsletter. Subscribers will get two months’ worth of short fiction delivered to their inboxes in multiple digital formats on a bimonthly basis

Strong Verbs

How To Use Strong Verbs To Sharpen Your Writing

If you want to learn the precise difference between the terms strong and weak verbs, it can be a little confusing. There are a few ways to determine the strength of verbs. There is a linguistic basis, the simple contrast between active and static verbs as well as a literary definition. In a general sense, action verbs are strong, and we use them to make verbs more interesting.


How To Promote A Book Online In 4 Clearly Explained Steps

If you self-publish, you need a plan to promote your book online. If you want to succeed at self-publishing, you are on your own. Writing a great book is one thing, but selling it is another. Amazon, Apple, Kobo and all the other ebook and book retailers are not going to promote your books.


Tips to help you write fantasy, from author Melinda Salisbury

Because the object of fiction is to make the reader forget themselves for a little while. Think of writing a book as a game you’re playing with a reader – you can only win if they stop living in the ...


Humanising a Cold Case Victim

Two Australian books were published last year about a brutal murder that happened in Melbourne in 1930: the non-fiction A Scandal in Bohemia: The Life and Death of Mollie Dean by Gideon Haigh, and The Portrait of Molly Dean, Katherine Kovacic’s first novel.

Help an author (and fellow readers) by posting a thoughtful book review online

One of the most generous things you can do for the author of a book is to write a review and post it on Amazon.com or ...


Past Events:

How to

April 27, 2019 -- How to LCRW ...

How to use the LCRW toolbox. The Writer's Market. LCRWriters. LCRWORG Google Groups.

The biggest advantage of having a Web presence is it gives us the advantage of using the Writer's Market, LCRWriters, LCRWORG Google Groups to assist us in advancing our writing ability and goals. This is an instructional session on using these tools.


May 25, 2019 -- David Woodruff, How to Write and Tell a Great Story

Great stories have common threads, not considering if they are books, movies or just stories one tells around the water cooler. This is a discussion of the principles of myth used to create masterful stories which are dramatic, entertaining and psychologically true. This is a look at how storytellers can utilize mythic structure to create powerful narratives.


Next Meeting: June 22 -- Critique Session

LCRW will present the second of three critique sessions. Works of up to 2500 words in any genre will be reviewed by group members with feedback and comments. Facilitator: Steve Yates.





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